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Ryan Lockhart:

Known as 'Newf', Ryan Lockhart is a well-known and respected Canadian motocross personality with a substantial racing pedigree that gives him a unique view of the Canadian series. His insight is analytical and sometimes pointedly critical, but always fair (as long as your not asking a rider). Newf turned pro in 1998 and raced Canadian nationals for over 12 years, running national number 6 in 2006. He finished an impressive 3rd place at the Toronto round of World Supercross in 2004 in the 125 class, and was the 2008 Future West Arenacross Champion. For the last 10 years, Newf has worked for Matrix Concepts Canada and Atlas Brace as a sales manager, and since 2019 has been working with the Fox Canada GDR Honda race team and their riders. 

Ryan The Newf Lockhart

Ryan Gauld:

Known as Gauldy by the motocross world at large, Ryan

Gauld is a former racer, broadcaster and widely loved industry personality. Gauldy started racing in 1988, racking up multiple Canadian Amateur national championships and raced professionally from 1995 through 2010. He earned national number 5 twice in both 1997 and 1999 and impressively won the Ulverton 250 pro national in 1999. He managed the Canadian MXdN team in 2014 and led them to great results both on and off the track, raising the bar in terms of professionalism and fundraising. Most fans of Canadian moto will recognize him from his storied broadcasting career starting in 2002 to present. Gauldy also runs Amateur Motocross Ontario, which sponsors this very podcast.  

Ryan Gauld

Ken Catton:

Ken is a motocross and supercross fan. Such a fan that he decided the Canadian series needed a podcast of its own and naturally felt that Newf and Gauldy were the perfect men for the job. He reached out in hopes they'd be interested, they were, and the rest is history. When he's not talking moto with Newf and Gauldy, Ken works as a trades instructor for a regional college teaching the fine art known as Industrial Mechanics.   

Ken catton
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